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 The National Finals will take place  on Saturday 19th & Sunday 20th August in the National sports campus, Abbotstown, Dublin. Kerry will have 150 participants competing in Athletics(track, field & relays), Art, Cycling on grass, Duathlon, Handwriting, Model Making, Recitation, Music(solo & groups), Singing (solo & groups), Project u16 &  Indoor Soccer U13. Thirty areas will be represented

Schedule Saturday 19th

Athletics Track 9.30a/m

Handwriting Boys U10, 9.30a.m; U12 11.15a.m: Handwriting Girls U10,, U12 3.45p.m:

Solo Music U12 9.30a.m U16 11.30a.m:   Group Music U12 2p.m U16 3.30p.m

Ball Throw Boys 9.30a.m, girls 10.30a.m; Javelin Boys 11.30a.m Girls 12.30p.m;                               Discus Boys 4p.m, girls 5p.m

Recitation U12 5.30p.m, U16 7p.m;   Indoor Soccer girls U13 11.30a.m; Project set up 5p.m

Schedule Sunday 20th

Athletics Track 9.30a/m

Cycling on grass 10a.m; Duathlon 12noon

Art  & Model Making boys 10a.m; girls 2p.m;

Long jump & High jump Boys 1p.m girls 2pm

Long puck boys 11.30a.m girls 12.30p.m

Solo singing U12 9.30a.m , U16 11.30a.m; Group singing U12 3p.m; U16 4.30p.m

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